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Vita Recovery is committed to successful patient outcomes. At our downtown facility, our patients are surrounded by certified, professional staff who aren’t just focused on getting you sober—we’re committed to ensuring you have everything you need to lead successful and happy lives once you complete treatment. Our cocaine rehab in Miami especially treats individuals struggling with coke addictions. If you or a loved one are facing negative consequences as a result of your abuse, from health scares to strained relationships, we have programs to help you address the root of your addiction and learn how to function without drugs in your life. We can also help you learn to have fun again without the presence of cocaine.

Access our IOP or PHP programs today and learn how we can accommodate your needs by giving our office a call at (786) 559-0623. You can also contact us online.

What is Cocaine?

Despite being an illegal substance, cocaine is extremely accessible, and as many as 1,800 Americans experiment with cocaine for the first time every day. Most often recognized as a “party drug” in its white powder form, cocaine affects the central nervous system when snorted or sniffed to produce energy and a euphoric high. It can also be smoked or dissolved in water and injected and is referred to as coke, powder, or blow.

Other side effects of cocaine abuse include:

  • Anxiety
  • Confidence (and overconfidence)
  • Excitement
  • Talkativeness
  • Alertness

Cocaine is highly addictive because of its short-lived high. Lasting for just 15 to 30 minutes, people who abuse cocaine will often dose frequently to maintain their high for longer periods of time, increasing the risk of developing a tolerance to the drug. Once you’ve developed a tolerance, your body requires a heavier dose of cocaine to get the same intense high—this can increase drug cravings and pave the way to addiction. Once you’re addicted, you no longer have control of your life and your altered brain chemistry will prevent you from stopping, even if you know the detrimental effects it’s having on your life and even if you sincerely want to stop.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

It’s not always obvious when someone has a cocaine addiction. Some family members may notice some changes in their loved one’s behaviors but don’t know to connect it to drug abuse. Though the specific symptoms of cocaine addiction will vary from person to person, we’ve provided a list of common signs of addiction so you can encourage your loved one to seek treatment if you think they have a problem.

Some warning signs of cocaine addiction include:

  • Mood swings: People who are high on cocaine are usually chatty, alert, and extremely confident, and when the drug begins to wear off, their mood can change and lead to “crashes.” If you notice a loved one has extreme mood swings, they may have a drug problem.

  • Withdrawal symptoms: When people with addictions go a certain length of time without using drugs, they begin to feel adverse withdrawal symptoms, which drive them to use again for relief. Some common withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine include depression, insomnia and fatigue, and irritability.

  • Financial problems: Cocaine is notoriously expensive, so those who abuse the drug regularly often run into money problems. If your loved one is broke, borrowing money from you, or even stealing money and lying about where the money is going, they could have a cocaine addiction.

Short Term Effects of Cocaine Addiction

  • Sensitivity to touch, sound and sight
  • Intense happiness
  • Anger/ irritability
  • Paranoia
  • Decrease appetite

Long Term Effects of Cocaine Addiction

  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Mood swings
  • Lung damage
  • Loss of smell/ nosebleeds

Effects of Cocaine on the Brain

One of the most serious effect of cocaine is damage to the cardiovascular system. This damage can lead to brain damage. There are also a few way cocaine can damage the structure of the brain:

  • Blood clots, which can lead to stroke
  • Seizures
  • Damage to the linings of veins and arteries, this can lead to chronic headahces

Why Go to Rehab?

While some may think they have their cocaine abuse under control, cocaine addiction is extremely harmful to one’s health, mind, and well-being, and long-term use can cause serious health conditions to develop later in life. You don’t need to have hit rock bottom to recognize you have a drug problem and need professional help.

Vita Recovery offers a partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient program for patients who have completed inpatient treatment and are ready for their next step, or those who might not necessarily need around-the-clock care. Whether you or a loved one would benefit from a rigorous schedule of treatments or you’d like to attend therapy but have to go home to your family at the end of the day, our team is happy to work with you to develop a treatment plan that corresponds to your needs. Life can be fun when you’re sober—let us show you how.

We treat all kinds of addictions at Vita Recovery. Call our Miami cocaine rehab today to learn about how we approach addiction treatment at (786) 559-0623.

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