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Take Marijuana Addiction Seriously

Marijuana is often downplayed as a harmless drug that only makes people feel “good” because it can be naturally grown. The truth is that marijuana has the potential to become harmful and addictive, just like any other substance. Countless people across the country live with marijuana addiction each day, but only a small percentage of them will make the choice to fight it.

At Vita Recovery in Miami, we believe in your strength to fight marijuana addiction and overcome it. Our rehab specialists can offer a variety of treatments and therapies to incorporate into your recovery program. The goal is to give you the best chance of gaining lasting sobriety as possible by customizing your recovery to your specific needs.

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Is Marijuana Addictive?

Many marijuana users will swear up and down that marijuana is not addictive. Technically, they are half-correct. Marijuana does not contain any chemically addictive components like nicotine or opiates. Therefore, marijuana cannot cause you to become addicted due to the consumption of a specific chemical.

However, marijuana can cause nonchemical addictions and dependencies just like other drugs. Marijuana causes most users to feel “high” when consuming or inhaling it. This feeling is only temporary, though, so a user can become addicted to regaining that feeling away. In this way, the use of marijuana can be addictive, especially to people with addictive personalities.

Signs of Marijuana Addiction

The most difficult part of fighting marijuana addiction is often taking the first step to admitting that the addiction is real. You might be suffering from the consequences of marijuana addiction and not know it. If the people you keep around you also use marijuana, then they will not be able to tell you that a problem has formed, either. It might be up to you to notice that you are addicted or developing an addiction that needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

Common signs of marijuana addiction include:

  • Constantly wanting to use more marijuana.
  • Feeling like marijuana use is the only thing that makes you happy or content.
  • Only being able to relax if you are under the influence of marijuana.
  • Spending too much of your finances on marijuana, so debts begin to form.
  • Stealing marijuana from friends, family members, or strangers.
  • Needing to buy more and more marijuana because you use your supply quicker and quicker.

Marijuana Shouldn’t Control You – Let’s Fight It

You are bigger than your marijuana addiction. At Vita Recovery in Miami, we believe in you and your ability to give yourself the comfortable, independent future that you deserve. If you have been spending too much time, money, and energy on chasing down that next hit of marijuana, whether you smoke it or eat it, then it is the right time to talk with us. We insist that all of our programs are designed to maximize your comfort and place you in a zone of zero judgment. We just want you to be happy and healthy again without an addiction following you around wherever you go.

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