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Vita Recovery

Sarah Norfleet

Sarah serves as VP of Business Development and Community Relations, where she helps connect treatment providers, the business community, individuals and families with the treatment options available at Gia Miami and Vita Recovery. Sarah has over 30 years of experience working in behavioral health programming specializing in operations, business development and community relations, as well as experience in consulting and working with national and international partners. Sarah's career began at a therapeutic boarding school in Massachusetts. As one of the founders, she held positions beginning with direct care, Program Director, Director of Program Development and Community Relations and finally as Administrative Manager. With her background in operations and business development, Sarah conducted national and international marketing for many years. She graduated from Wheaton College (MA) with a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations. Sarah was also a board member of MAAPS, NATSAP for several years and currently serves on the board of the IECA Foundation. Her extracurricular interests include all things equestrian and volunteering on various professional and community association boards and committees.

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