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Drug Addiction Treatment Miami

Everyone's experience with drug addiction is unique. And that's why Vita Recovery's drug treatment programs are built around the specific needs of each client.

At our Sophisticated and tranquil treatment center in Miami, Fl, we help people who struggle with many substances including prescription medications. We know that addictions to drugs and alcohol often occur together, therefore, our treatment programs incorporates evidence based principals for many types of addictions.

Personalized and evidence-based treatment addresses all aspects of addiction at Vita Recovery. We know that seeking help for drug abuse and addiction can be tough. When you come to us, your recovery journey is made as comfortable as possible. Taking part in our treatment programs can truly change your life.

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Drug Treatment for the Whole Person

At Vita Recovery we use evidence-based approaches to treat the whole person, tailoring our care to your physical and psychological wellness needs.

We take into account the body and mind. Assisting in helping you find appropriate drug detox and medication-assisted treatment, which will help you through the withdrawal symptoms that come when trying to stop using alcohol and drugs. Then, by participating in some of the wide range of therapies we offer, you can learn how to stay sober.

If you wish to receive the highest quality of care from a team of expert, therapists, and medical professionals at one of the best boutique centers in Miami, FL, Vita Recovery is for you.

Understanding Substance Abuse and Addiction

When you take drugs, you change the chemistry in your brain. Drugs and alcohol affect the chemical messengers that influence how you think and feel. When these effects are pleasurable or euphoric, it stimulates areas of your brain that encourage you to seek yet another drink or dose.

If substance abuse becomes a regular activity, you can develop a tolerance to the drugs you use. This means you need to take increasing amounts to feel the same effects. Eventually, your body and mind become so used to the presence of the substances that you feel unwell when you don't take them. These unpleasant feelings are called withdrawal symptoms. Needing to take a substance to avoid withdrawal is called dependency.

Dependency is about the interaction between your body and the substance that you abuse. Addiction is about your mental health and the reasons why you take drugs. Dependency and addiction overlap, and to successfully help you, substance abuse treatment services need to tackle both.

In medical terms, a person with a drug dependency or addiction is described as having a substance use disorder (SUD).

What Causes Addiction?

Many legal and illicit drugs have properties that make it possible for any user to become dependent on them. It's also true that every person has the potential to develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Some people are more at risk than others of becoming addicted. As much as half of an individual's vulnerability to addiction may be in their genes. Other issues, such as difficult mental health symptoms or memories of trauma, can also make a person more susceptible.

A person's addiction risk is not only about their DNA or the way they cope with mental illness. The people who surround them also make a difference. Growing up around substance abuse or spending time with peers who misuse drugs may increase someone's vulnerability to addiction.

When you go to an addiction treatment center, you will receive care that takes into account the physical properties of the drug and the reasons why you developed an addiction. At Vita Recovery, we ensure that this treatment is tailored to your life and your circumstances.



Do You Have a Substance Use Disorder?

It is not always easy for a person to recognize when they need help to overcome their drug abuse. If you or your peers have misused drugs for a long time, you may feel that your actions are "normal".

It is worth asking yourself whether drugs are monopolizing your time or keeping you from the life that you want. These are both signs that you could benefit from an addiction treatment center. You may recognize yourself in the list of behaviors below. Doctors use a similar list when diagnosing a person with a substance use disorder.

  • You spend much of your time obtaining or using drugs or recovering from drug use.

  • You fail to stop or cut back on drug use.

  • You socialize mostly or only with fellow drug users.

  • You compulsively seek and use drugs, despite adverse consequences.

  • You neglect work, family, or social responsibilities and take drugs instead.

  • You have withdrawal symptoms when drugs are not in your system.

  • You need drugs to feel normal or cope with challenging situations.

  • You behave badly to sustain your drug use.

  • You do risky things to obtain drugs or while under their influence.

Substance use disorders exist on a scale from moderate to severe. Even if you only identify with a few of the behaviors on the list, it is a good idea to seek help from addiction treatment centers.

How Substance Abuse Impacts Health

Drug and alcohol addiction alike can place great strain on work, social and interpersonal relationships. Abusing drugs or alcohol takes you away from doing your best at work and enjoying your outside interests. Above all, substance abuse greatly impacts your physical and mental health.

Short-Term Effects

Drug abuse and addiction may cause a person to experience paranoia, panic attacks, anxiety, irritability, or depression. When the drug is not in their system, they can also experience withdrawal symptoms such as flu-like sensations, tremors, excessive sweating, fatigue, and difficulty breathing.

Other common short-term effects of drug abuse include:

  • Elevated body temperature

  • Slurred speech

  • High or low blood pressure

  • Rapid heart rate

  • Changes in appetite

  • Drowsiness

  • Insomnia

  • Mood swings

  • Lack of inhibition

  • Difficulty concentrating

Long-Term Effects

The long-term use of drugs interferes with brain functioning and causes mental health issues. Some drugs can prompt depression or anxiety, a decrease in cognitive skills, and psychosis.

Other common long-term effects of drug abuse include:

  • Heart and blood vessel damage

  • Stroke

  • Lung and breathing problems

  • Lowered immunity

  • Digestive system damage

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Various types of cancer

  • Seizures

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What Can I Expect During Drug Abuse Treatment?

Drug and alcohol rehab at Vita Recovery's luxury facility provides evidence based therapy while taking into account your individual needs. Through in-depth assessment and monitoring, we customize your treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Our team of experts has over a century of combined experience. Our psychiatrist, therapists, doctors, and clinicians are skilled at treating people with multiple addictions and providing care to individuals who have co-occurring mental health issues.

We know that substance addiction is not only about physical dependence and often comes with challenging underlying causes. Our substance abuse treatment services consider your mental health; harmful drugs may cause co-occurring disorders or worsen underlying mental health issues that could have been driving your drug use in the first place.

With Vita Recovery's world class treatment in a sophisticated setting, your needs will be of the utmost importance from start to finish.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Our professional team is here to help you get sober and equip you with tools and skills to cope with negative emotions, healthily respond to old thinking patterns, and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

In outpatient treatment, you have daily support at our clinic but sleep in the comfort of your own residence.

Our expert team understands that every individual has a unique set of personal circumstances. At Vita Recovery, your treatment will be designed to fit your medical history and the nature of your drug abuse. Whether it is legal or illicit drug use that has affected you, a personalized treatment plan awaits you. You can also access alcohol rehab care if this fits your situation.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our highly structured PHP program is overseen by an experienced multidisciplinary team. It includes an expert medical team for medication-assisted treatment or management, psychiatric services, and family, individual, and group counseling.

Additional education may include :

  • Mood management and emotional regulation

  • Relapse prevention

  • How to handle work or school commitments

Although you won't be staying at our treatment program overnight, we still provide you with comprehensive care that is slightly more intense than our Intensive Outpatient Program. PHP is the ideal next step of recovery for anyone who has recently completed detox or inpatient treatment or prefers a structured day of therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This program in an outpatient setting is another ideal step in recovery after Partial Hospital Program level or care (although for many patients this can serve as a step up from weekly individual treatment in hopes of preventing the need for higher level of care such as PHP).

Flexibility and shorter hours of treatment in IOP may be perfect for those with professional and/or family obligations. Addiction treatment through IOP allows patients to manage both recovery and everyday life.

Joining our supportive environment in IOP allows you to benefit from:

  • Comprehensive medical and bio-psycho-social evaluations

  • Individual and group therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Psychiatric services

  • Education and accountability

  • In-depth care plans, helping relapse prevention

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Intensive Treatment Program – 3A

Our uniquely customizable concierge therapy program for mental health and addiction recovery can be facilitated in Miami or virtually throughout Florida.

A dedicated therapist develops and manages a personalized program designed around the client's individual requirements. Counseling sessions may also be carried out within the person's recovery support network, such as the core group of their family and friends.

Ongoing individual therapy sessions and inclusion in weekly recovery groups come with accountability to a counselor seven days a week. Homework assignments and activities help with radical acceptance, and counseling sessions include the discussion of the addiction's impact on the whole family system, as well as ongoing care.

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Drug Addiction Types We Treat

Our team of clinical experts provide substance abuse and addiction treatment for:

  • Heroin Addiction: Heroin is one of the most commonly abused illicit drugs. It negatively affects a person's sleeping and breathing patterns. Addiction to this natural opiate made from morphine can cause infection of the heart lining and valves, lung complications, collapsed veins, and clouded mental functioning.

  • Cocaine Addiction: This highly addictive stimulant drug comes with short-lived effects. Hence users often abuse the drug multiple times in a session. Cocaine addiction produces restlessness, panic attacks, paranoia, and even full-blown psychosis. It also has significant toxic effects on the heart and cardiovascular system and is linked with an increased risk of stroke.

  • Meth Addiction: Methamphetamine brings about energy, focus, and euphoria, and typically an unpleasant crash afterward, causing individuals to want to use the drug again. It comes with the risk of psychosis, significant anxiety, insomnia, confusion, mood disturbances, and violent behavior. Some physical effects include weight loss, skin sores, severe tooth decay, and tooth loss.

  • Marijuana Addiction: This drug comes with an increased risk for certain types of cancer, and can cause anxiety, paranoia, and panic. Marijuana use can raise your chances for clinical depression or worsen existing symptoms of mental disorders.

  • Opioid Addiction: Highly addictive, extremely potent drugs, often mixed with synthetic opioids like fentanyl have led to an opioid epidemic and killed countless Americans.

  • Prescription Drug Addiction (including painkillers, stimulants, tranquilizers, and sedatives): Often misconceived as being safe, since they are prescribed by healthcare professionals, prescription drugs come with the same dangers as illicit drugs when abused. Addiction to prescription medication can develop even if it is taken as directed; any repeated exposure comes with the risk of addiction.

FAQ About Drug Rehab Miami

How Long Does Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Typically Last?

The duration of your treatment depends on the severity and length of your drug use, your personal and medical history, as well as your individual physical and mental health and treatment needs.

An assessment will help determine your treatment options, and a customized treatment plan will be designed according to your situation. Typically, our programs last from several days to four to six weeks.

Will Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Addiction Treatment?

Although many private health insurance policies cover drug treatment, it is best to inquire about your specific treatment program.

Contact Vita Recovery's admissions department, and a team member will be happy to walk you through financing options and help you understand what your private health insurance policy covers.

Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment Like Rehab?

Addiction treatment centers offer outpatient programs for those who have family, personal or professional obligations they can not leave behind. It is also an option for anyone who has undergone inpatient rehab and wishes to have structured support or help with transitioning to daily life.

With addiction therapies and treatments similar to that of inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment programming allows a person access to heal and recover while going home or to a sober living home after the day's therapy.

How Does Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) Help With Addiction?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) provides a 'whole patient' approach to the treatment of substance abuse and addiction. In combination with counseling and behavioral health therapies, MAT uses medications that are FDA approved to block the euphoric effects of drugs, relieve physiological cravings, and normalize brain chemistry and body functions without the negative effects of the abused substance.

Does Addiction Treatment Only Focus on the Physical Aspect of Addiction?

Addiction treatment focuses on all aspects of addiction. In this way, Vita Recovery's Miami treatment programs ensures the root causes of addiction aren't left unaddressed and that you leave our treatment programs with the tools and skills to continue sobriety.

Comprehensive medical and bio-psycho-social evaluations help our multidisciplinary team design a customized treatment plan so that your emotional, psychological, and mental health needs are addressed as well.

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If you or a loved one is battling with substance abuse or addiction, Vita Recovery is here to help. The first and best step toward healing is seeking treatment help.

We know that addiction can dominate your life and become a priority above your health, professional and personal life. But with our expert medical professionals, mental health, and addiction specialists, you have the opportunity to heal, recover and take back control of your life.

Vita Recovery provides you with a sophisticated and personalized treatment experience so that you can truly focus on recovery. Our personal and affordable treatment programs will ensure that your individual needs are met while caring and compassionate staff will support you all the way through to a comprehensive continuing care plan.

Contact our admissions department to start building the foundation of a new, fulfilling life today.

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