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Methamphetamine (meth) addiction is an epidemic, impacting countless communities across the United States. At Vita Recovery, our expert clinical and medical team provide evidence-based treatments and customized services to help meth users to recover from addiction.

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An Evidence-Based Approach to Meth Rehab in Miami

Methamphetamine is a potent stimulant that affects the central nervous system, creating intense pleasure and euphoric highs. These sought-after effects carry a high risk of addiction.

At our sophisticated and tranquil treatment center in downtown Miami, we treat meth addiction based on the core reasons why each client is abusing meth or crystal meth. We equip you with the tools needed to embrace recovery and a healthier lifestyle to avoid future meth abuse.



Signs of Meth Addiction

Meth and crystal meth flood the brain with dopamine, resulting in powerful euphoric feelings, an intense increase in energy, and various other psychoactive effects. Treatment can help if someone you love is struggling with this potent stimulant. Common signs of meth and crystal meth addiction to look out for include:

  • Sudden weight loss

  • Disturbed sleeping routine

  • Paranoia

  • Increased violence

  • Aggression

  • Increased distractibility

  • Increased talkativeness

  • Social withdrawal

Another common sign is "tweaking". Tweaking is the 4th stage that meth users experience and the most dangerous. It is the state that occurs when the user has come to the end of a meth binge and the drug no longer is providing the user with the desired rush or high. This physiological and psychological state can sometimes last for several days. It is often associated with strong cravings for the drug, hallucinations, delusions, scratching of the skin, and intense fidgeting.

Meth users are likely to conceal their drug abuse, so knowing these signs can help you identify meth or crystal meth addiction as soon as possible. With medical and psychological treatment, your loved one can address their drug use, leading to a life

How Meth Addiction Impacts Your Health

Meth and crystal meth can cause a variety of short- and long-term health effects. Besides the ongoing and pronounced risk of abuse, addiction, and overdose, meth use can have lasting physical consequences for physical and mental health.

Short-Term Effects

Meth and crystal meth cause a surge in dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and the brain's reward system. The initial, intense rush of euphoria lasts for 30 minutes, while the longer-lasting high remains for 16 to 24 hours. Meth highs can cause an array of adverse health effects, including:

  • Increased heart rate

  • Irregular heartbeat

  • Increased body temperature

  • Decreased appetite

  • Disturbances to sleep

  • Elevated blood pressure

  • Hyperthermia

  • Stomach pains

Long-Term Effects

Prolonged crystal meth or meth use can create a tolerance to the drug’s effects, meaning an individual needs to take higher doses to feel the desired results. Long-term meth abuse can cause damage to a person’s brain, heart, skin, and teeth. Long-term effects include:

  • Meth mouth – tooth decay, gum disease, and mouth sores

  • Risk of overdose

  • Acute and chronic cardiovascular problems

  • Irreversible damage to blood vessels – reducing the body's ability to heal naturally

  • Body sores – caused by picking the skin

  • Increased risk of mental health issues – paranoia, depression, or anxiety

  • Drug-induced psychosis – including hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions

  • Changes in brain function and structure – memory loss

What Can I Expect During Meth Rehab?

The goal of a substance abuse treatment program is to provide a stable foundation, work through core issues and create a long-term recovery plan to ensure lasting sobriety. At Vita Recovery, we provide an inclusive, compassionate, and peaceful space to address psychological, medical, and social needs. We are committed to providing quality addiction care, offering innovative and modern treatment and effective strategies backed by researched outcomes. You can expect customized support, high-end facilities and amenities, and a healthy recovery.

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Treating Meth Addiction: The Treatment Process

Meth rehab centers typically begin treatment and recovery from drug abuse with a medical detox. The carefully supervised detoxification process safely rids the body of any remaining meth and additional toxins while closely monitoring adverse withdrawal symptoms. A detox allows patients the time to overcome the physical symptoms of meth addiction before focusing on treating the root cause.

Following a detox, our center offers treatment programs involving cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-oriented therapy, and more. Our exceptional team of licensed therapists and board-certified psychiatrists will work with you on developing coping skills to increase your chances of sobriety in triggering situations and environments.

We are here to guide you throughout and after your treatment process and ensure a thorough aftercare plan is developed. Our mission is to equip patients with the skills and tools necessary to cope with negative emotions, set healthy goals, and engage in life with intention.

Are There Different Levels of Care for Meth Addiction Treatment?

At Vita Recovery, we offer three levels of care. Our partial hospitalization program is perfect for people transitioning from an inpatient treatment program who would still benefit from medication management, structured days, and regular psychiatric appointments. Our intensive outpatient treatment program helps patients readjust to day-to-day sober living. Our intensive treatment program (3A) is also highly customizable, all to meet your individual needs.

What Are the Risks of Not Getting Treatment for Meth Addiction?

Addiction eventually affects all aspects of your world: family, health, work, and social activities. With the increasing pressures of life combined with today’s fast-paced times, many avoid entering a treatment program - dismissing or delaying the need for care.

However, vigilance in recovery increases your chances of lasting sobriety while reducing the risk of experiencing detrimental consequences, such as overdose. Recovery is about much more than abstaining from methamphetamine.

Avoiding treatment means never identifying the underlying causes and triggers of addiction, and not equipping yourself with the practical techniques of sobriety. Addiction is not easy, and treatment is necessary for those learning to build a stable and healthy life.

FAQ About Meth Rehab Miami

How Long Does Meth Rehab Typically Last?

At Vita Recovery, our expert Miami team creates compassionate customized care programs to fit your unique needs. Our partial hospitalization treatment is a program involving highly structured and planned days and the length of the program depends on your unique needs. Our intensive outpatient program ranges from four to six weeks, depending on the clinical needs of our clients.

Are There Any Specific Treatments for Women or Pregnant Women With Meth Addiction?

When appropriate, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is available to help pregnant women detox safely and effectively. We also offer a range of non-medical therapies for those who prefer to avoid additional medications during pregnancy but need help managing their withdrawal symptoms.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of Meth Addiction Treatment?

At Vita Recovery, we work with most major health insurance providers. All insurance companies differ, so the coverage provided will vary. Most policies provide coverage for a set amount of time. We are happy to help you determine your coverage extent and its applicability to our treatment center.

How Can I Pay for Meth Addiction Treatment?

Many who wish to pursue substance abuse treatment are hesitant due to the worry of cost. Everybody deserves to recover from the grasp of methamphetamine use disorder, and we wish to make treatment accessible to as many people as possible. Reach out to Vita Recovery to discuss payment options.

Can Meth Addiction Treatment Be Done on an Outpatient Basis?

Depending on individual needs, and medical conditions, treatment may be undergone on an intensive outpatient basis with high levels of efficacy. We offer three customizable outpatient options, and will gladly work with you to create an optimal recovery plan suitable for your needs.

How Does Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) Help With Meth Addiction?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) involves medication alongside behavioral therapy sessions. Often medication will be prescribed to help relieve and manage withdrawal symptoms or any co-occurring disorders, making the detox process much more comfortable and often improving client outcomes.

How Is the Withdrawal Process Managed During Treatment for Meth Abuse?

During medical detox, an inpatient or residential treatment program will help clients manage their symptoms and cravings, ensuring the process is as smooth as possible. By providing support and structure, they help clients to focus on recovery.

What Is Meth?

Methamphetamine, also known as meth or crystal meth, is a powerful central nervous stimulant that is primarily used for its recreational effects and less commonly as a treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Swallowed, snorted, or injected, meth creates a long-lasting, intense, and addictive high.

Meth Rehab in Miami, FL

At Vita Recovery, we offer high-quality addiction treatment programs in a sophisticated and tranquil facility. Operated by a team of experienced professionals, our programs will equip you with the skills to address drug abuse and discover how to live a sober and successful future. Learn more about our PHP, IOP, and 3A treatment options by contacting us today at (786) 559-0623. Our team is always here and ready to help.

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