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Prescription Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment In Miami

Whether you’ve been taking prescription medications under medical advice or through recreational use, it is possible to develop an addiction. As one of Florida’s leading drug and alcohol rehab centers, we can offer a way out.

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An Innovative Approach to Prescription Drug Rehab in Miami

Our team takes a compassionate approach to prescription drug rehab. We offer comprehensive treatment to address physical dependence and resolve the underlying psychological and social factors of addiction.

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists combines a range of evidence-based therapies to overcome substance abuse, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and alternative, holistic treatments such as mindfulness and meditation as well as long-term relapse prevention and continuing care. At our luxury treatment center, you can overcome addiction and reclaim your quality of life in comfort.



Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

A person addicted to prescription drugs experiences cravings for the substance, rising tolerance, and a need for higher doses. Going without the drug of abuse or attempting to quit "cold turkey" may cause withdrawal symptoms. 

If you're concerned that a family member or loved one may be addicted to prescription medications, look for these warning signs:

  • Behavioral changes: isolation, secrecy, poor decision-making, lethargy, or increased energy

  • Taking medication in higher or more frequent doses than prescribed

  • Changed sleeping patterns

  • Difficulty maintaining relationships

  • Financial and legal problems, such as forging prescriptions

  • Loss of interest in activities and hobbies

  • Mood swings, or signs of depression and anxiety

  • Nausea, sweating, and tremors if drug use stops

  • Physical changes: appearance, poor hygiene, weight loss

  • Seeking prescriptions from more than one doctor

How Prescription Drug Addiction Impacts Your Health

The consequences of medication abuse depend on the drug. Stimulants can cause anxiety and weight loss, while drowsiness, nausea, and confusion are associated with depressant abuse. Other risks include neurological damage, organ failure, and psychosis.

Short-term Effects

The short-term effects of prescription drug abuse include drowsiness, clumsiness, confusion, and impaired judgment, which can lead to unnecessary risks and accidental injury. Excessive use of some drugs causes potentially fatal respiratory failure. People experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms when drug use stops.

  • Apathy

  • Cognitive impairment

  • Constipation

  • Drowsiness

  • Emotional numbness

  • Impaired respiration

  • Listlessness

  • Mood swings

  • Reduced pain sensitivity

Long-term Effects

Long-term abuse of prescription drugs causes severe damage to your body and mind. Growing physical dependence and tolerance leads to increased consumption and endangers your vital organs, including your brain, heart, and liver. Increasing anxiety, depression, and financial and legal problems reduce your ability to function in daily life.

  • Anxiety and paranoia

  • Brain damage

  • Chronic pain

  • Heart failure

  • Mental illness

  • Respiratory failure

  • Severe depression

  • Suicidal ideation

What Can I Expect During Prescription Drug Rehab?

Prescription drug treatment at our sophisticated and tranquil South Florida treatment facility is a comprehensive program that addresses your physical, psychological, and emotional health. Therapy, counseling, and group support will help you address addiction and learn how to manage symptoms and triggers healthily. Medications can alleviate withdrawal symptoms or cravings. We'll equip you with new coping mechanisms and alternative strategies to lead a healthier life and put you on the path to attaining lasting sobriety.

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Treating Prescription Drug Addiction: The Treatment Process

Our first service is a comprehensive assessment to ensure that our care fits each client's situation. We establish a level of care and approach and tailor treatment duration to your needs.

Detox is typically the next stage in drug and alcohol rehab. We can help you find a safe and secure detox center so that you can then enroll in one of our programs at our outpatient substance abuse treatment center. While in a detox, Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is available to detox clients who need support managing withdrawal symptoms.

At our Miami rehab center, Vita Recovery, you will participate in therapy and counseling. Individual and group therapy will help you understand the causes of your addiction. In group therapy, you can share experiences and learn from others. We also employ behavioral health approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based care proven to be effective.

We believe continuing care is vital. Working with you before you leave, we'll build a plan for ongoing therapy, support, and relapse prevention.

Are There Different Levels of Care for Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment?

Your recovery story is as unique as your history of addiction - a fact reflected in our many adaptive levels of care. When you enter our program, an in-depth assessment will allow us to make the best long-term treatment recommendation to match your situation. 

Our flexible options include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment

  • Partial Hospitalization,

  • Intensive Treatment Program – 3A.

What Are the Risks of Not Getting Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction?

Increasing tolerance leads to more consumption. The risk of liver and kidney damage, respiratory failure, heart disease, or overdose rises. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, or even psychosis become a greater possibility.

Relationships and employment are affected as you find it harder to function in daily life. Legal or financial issues damage your reputation as the cycle of addiction spirals - but it is never too late to get help.

Further risks of forgoing outpatient treatment include:

  • Family alienation

  • Financial problems

  • Legal consequences

  • Life-threatening overdose

  • Permanent organ damage or failure

  • Respiratory failure, coma, or death

  • Serious mental illnesses

  • Unemployment

FAQ About Prescription Drug Rehab Miami

How Long Does Prescription Drug Rehab Typically Last?

The duration of prescription drug rehab varies according to your individual needs, the substance to which you've become addicted, your history of addiction, and your treatment goals. With all that being said, most of our custom, concierge programs range in duration between 10 and 90 days.

Are There Any Specific Treatments for Women or Pregnant Women With Prescription Drug Addiction?

Prenatal care and education explain addiction's effects on a baby and provide the relapse-prevention and parenting skills needed for a rewarding family life. Medical detox reduces withdrawal symptoms safely for both mother and child. While we are not a detox facility, we can assist you in finding one that will meet all of your unique needs.

We also respond to the unique needs of women in recovery with tailored counseling and support groups.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment?

We work with many private health insurance providers and accept most types of insurance with out of network benefits, including many employment-provided plans. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions - our team is happy to provide advice and assistance in understanding your health insurance plan.

How Can I Pay for Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment?

Every insurance plan is unique, but most private coverage at least partially covers addiction treatment. Dial (786) 559-0623 and let us know if you have any further questions.

Can Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Be Done on an Outpatient Basis?

Yes, and with high efficacy. Vita Recovery offers personalized outpatient and partial hospitalization programs tailored to your needs. These outpatient services come with extra advantages, allowing you to maintain your home, career, and educational responsibilities while integrating the lessons of recovery into your daily life from the start.

How Does Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) Help With Prescription Drug Addiction?

Some substance use disorders can be treated with pharmacological assistance alongside counseling and behavioral healthcare. These medications reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, making detoxing and sustaining abstinence easier while working through the non-physiological elements of addiction with a therapeutic team.

How Is the Withdrawal Process Managed During Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment?

Detoxification is an inpatient treatment undergone in comfortable quarters with the supervision of expert clinicians, who may provide tapered medications to ease withdrawal. At this type of facility, detox is delivered by a compassionate team of medical professionals and counselors providing the 24/7 support needed to cope with withdrawal's physical and psychological challenges.

What Are Prescription Drugs?

Licensed pharmacists dispense prescription drugs as directed by your doctor. They treat various conditions, including pain and mental health disorders. Examples of commonly prescribed drugs include opioids for pain, antidepressants for depression, and stimulants for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Abuse frequently leads to addiction.

Prescription Drug Rehab in Miami, Fl

Vita Recovery is a high-end drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility in Miami, Fl. We offer a personalized recovery experience to clients and families caught in the grip of prescription drug addiction, all delivered privately on a peaceful, luxurious center.

For those looking for a drug and alcohol rehab center where they can retreat, focus, and heal, Vita Recovery is for you. Contact us today to start your recovery journey.

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