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After the often difficult and complex process of acknowledging that you need professional help and finally finding the right program for you, the next step is admission to a facility. Our compassionate team at Vita Recovery knows that whether you’re a patient or concerned love one, you likely have many questions concerning admission, financing options, and more. We’ve provided information about our admission process below, and we encourage you to give us a call if you have more specific questions about our programs or facility. We personalize our services for each patient and offer flexibility when it comes to scheduling, whenvever possible.

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Admission Steps

Unsure of where to begin with being admitted to our partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs? Below are some steps you can take for an easier transition into our facility.

Contact Us - (786) 686-1488

Our team strives to be as accessible as possible and offers our services in English and Spanish so you can tell us your story in the language you’re most comfortable using. Some potential patients may be wondering if they need professional treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction at all, and family members may be wondering how they can approach their loved ones to suggest treatment. We can outline the treatment process and offer you helpful tips and resources.

Complete Pre-Screening

The next step of admission to rehab involves a screening, which allows our medical professionals to determine which of our programs will be the right fit for you and determine what kind of care you need. There is no judgment here—the more specific information you can give us about your history of addiction, the better.

Information that can help us to understand you better include:

  • Your history of drug and alcohol abuse

  • Types of drugs abused

  • How long you’ve been abusing drugs

  • Your treatment history, if any

  • If you have any underlying mental disorders

  • Family life

  • Family history of drug abuse

  • History of trauma or abuse

  • List of any current medications

  • Your current employment status

  • Medical history



Contact Us to Learn About Financing

We believe treatment should be available to everyone, though we know that for many, a quality addictions recovery program is expensive. When you call our office, a team member will be happy to walk you through financing options and help you understand what your unique insurance policy covers. We can also determine if your provider is in-network with Vita Recovery.

For personalized addiction treatment, turn to our Miami team at Vita Recovery. Call us to learn more about admissions at (786) 686-1488 - we speak English and Spanish for your convenience.

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