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Heroin addiction is a devastating condition that creates a web of harm for users and families. We're here to help. Our prestigious rehab facilities offer the best in high-quality, individualized treatment and aftercare to clients seeking lasting recovery.

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An Innovative Approach to Heroin Rehab in Miami

Vita Recovery stands out among drug and alcohol treatment centers. Our unique, innovative approach to drug abuse treatment combines intensive therapy programs in luxurious, welcoming environments, all to ensure sustainable, effective addiction recovery.

For clients of our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP), we're willing to personalize until the care offered is custom fit and adjusted to your needs. Our rehab program has succeeded when you are truly ready and able to enjoy life again.



Signs of Heroin Addiction

A person addicted to heroin will experience distracting or consuming cravings for the drug and may up their dose progressively over time. Attempts to stop using heroin on their own may result in intense withdrawal symptoms.

If you’re concerned that a family member or loved one is addicted to heroin, look for these behavioral and psychological signs:

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Changes in eating and sleeping patterns, weight loss

  • Losing interest in previously enjoyed activities and hobbies

  • Mood swings/agitation/hostility/irritability

  • Neglecting school, work, or home responsibilities

  • Scabs/bruises on the skin

  • Signs of a high, including constricted pupils or drowsiness

  • Financial difficulties

How Heroin Addiction Impacts Your Health

Heroin targets the opioid receptors in your brain and spinal cord. Long-term use damages tissues everywhere, while short-term heroin use can precipitously restrict breathing and bodily functions, potentially causing loss of consciousness or coma.

Short-Term Effects

Heroin is a highly dangerous substance. Even short-term or one-off use risks life-endangering effects, and any experimentation with the substance can cause an overdose. In 2020 alone, 13,165 lives ended because of a heroin overdose.

Some of the short-term effects of heroin substance abuse include:

  • Constricted pupils

  • Drowsiness

  • Dry mouth

  • Euphoria and clouded thinking

  • Loss of coordination/mobility

  • Severe itching and skin flushing

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Reduced sensitivity to pain

  • Respiratory depression

  • Coma or fatal overdose


Long-Term Effects

Long-term heroin use leads to addiction, collapsed veins, lung, liver, and kidney damage, and an increased risk of diseases like HIV and hepatitis. Heroin can damage the brain, causing memory loss and cognitive impairment, as well as depression and anxiety. Many regular users suffer from infertility and sexual problems.

  • Brain and nervous system damage

  • Heart, kidney, liver, or lung problems

  • Insomnia

  • Mental health issues

  • Nasal tissue damage (when snorted)

  • Sexual and menstrual cycle problems

  • Skin infections and collapsed veins (when injected)

  • Increased risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis

  • Social, educational, and financial issues

  • Tolerance, dependence, and addiction

What Can I Expect During Heroin Treatment?

Treatment programs for heroin and other addictions offer clients a safe, peaceful space to engage with specialist interventions aimed at managing addiction and learning to live a healthy, substance-free life. At Vita Recovery, our programs are centered on evidence-based therapies to help you address addiction, always tailored to your individual needs.

Treatment includes individual and group counseling, behavioral therapy, and medication-assisted treatment for withdrawal when necessary.

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Treating Heroin Addiction: The Treatment Process

Heroin addiction is a disease with many physical, psychological, and social aspects that present differently between clients. Your time with us will be spent with a multidisciplinary team that works to tackle this one step at a time. 

Our therapeutic services for treating heroin addiction includes both cognitive-behavioral therapy and other holistic therapeutic modalities. These therapies help you to identify and change the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that lead to substance abuse and develop skills and strategies to cope with triggers and maintain sobriety.

Continuing care and ongoing support are vital to long-term recovery. Your treatment plan may include follow-up counseling, peer support, and self-help programs. With Vita Recovery's help and compassionate care, you will learn how to address addiction and reclaim your life.

Are There Different Levels of Care for Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Your recommended level of care depends upon your individual needs and the assessed severity of your addiction. At Vita Recovery, our treatment center offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment, a Partial Hospitalization Program, and our customizable Intensive Treatment Program - 3A. Outpatient programs allow access to everything offered by our treatment center while keeping up with your home, career, or educational responsibilities.

What Are the Risks of Not Getting Treatment for Heroin Addiction?

Heroin abuse has life-threatening consequences. The risk of overdose and death is well-known and ever-present, but the emotional and behavioral deterioration associated with opioid addiction presents the additional possibility of job loss, relationship difficulties, and legal issues.

Heroin highs come with long-term health costs. Seeking treatment can help mitigate the risk of developing chronic and debilitating health conditions like liver and kidney disease, lung problems, and mental health issues. Other complications may include:

  • Diseases

  • Legal problems

  • Mental health problems

  • Organ failure

  • Overdose and death

  • Physical debilitation

  • Relationship problems

  • Work and education issues

FAQ About Heroin Rehab Miami

How Long Does Heroin Rehab Typically Last?

The time necessary for heroin treatment varies according to your individual needs, history of addiction, and treatment goals. However, most clients stay with us through a tailor made plan for 30 to 90 days. Whether you require intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization, our services are customized to meet your life circumstances.

How Is the Withdrawal Process Managed During Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Heroin withdrawal management, or detox, is a medical process typically done in an inpatient setting Medical professionals manage withdrawal symptoms with medications like buprenorphine, methadone, or naltrexone to reduce cravings. While we do not offer detox at Vita Recovery Miami we can assist you in selecting a quality program which will include a residential detox center, fully equipped for your comfort, privacy, and safety.

Are There Any Specific Treatments for Women or Pregnant Women With Heroin Addiction?

Addiction treatment needs to be adapted to suit the needs of expecting mothers. We can connect you with a medical team who can employ strategies to safely manage withdrawal symptoms to reduce the possibilities of causing fetal harm.

We also offer counseling and support groups tailored to meet women's needs and address underlying addiction issues.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Our treatment facility works with many private health insurance providers and we find most types of insurance will cover at least some of the heroin treatment program, including many work-based insurance policies.

How Can I Pay for Heroin Addiction Treatment?

We will happily work with you on a payment plan to suit your needs. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us anytime if you have questions about your insurance coverage or are concerned about paying for your treatment program.

Can Heroin Addiction Treatment Be Done on an Outpatient Basis?

Yes, and outpatient treatment is a better option for many situations. Our heroin treatment programs are offered flexibly on an outpatient or partial hospitalization basis. These outpatient services allow you to maintain your home, career, and educational responsibilities while getting the treatment you deserve.

How Does Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) Help With Heroin Addiction?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combines pharmacology with counseling and behavioral health care. It reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms, making it easier for you to detox and maintain abstinence comfortably during the substance abuse program, and on through your recovery journey.

Does Heroin Addiction Treatment Only Focus on the Physical Aspect of Addiction?

Therapy at Vita Recovery goes beyond treating physical dependence. A treatment plan may include behavioral therapies, counseling, group and family therapy, and support groups to help you understand and overcome the underlying causes of your addiction and develop the skills and strategies needed to maintain sobriety.

What is Heroin?

Heroin is a highly addictive opioid derived from morphine. As a Schedule I controlled substance, it is illegal to possess. Heroin users typically administer it by injection. It causes many harmful health effects, including addiction, respiratory depression, and overdose. Long-term abuse leads to heart disease, liver damage, and death.

Heroin Rehab in Miami, FL - CTA

At Vita Recovery Miami, we offer personal and affordable treatment to clients including, executives, professionals, and athletes. Through our highly regarded substance abuse treatment program, and care for co-occurring disorders, we provide amenities head and shoulders above that of other addiction treatment providers.

Contact us today at (786) 559-0623 and discover how our luxury substance abuse services can help you address addiction to heroin and opioid prescription drugs.

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