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Julia Cole, MSW

Julia, a licensed LCSW, passionately guides individuals through their unique healing journeys. Armed with a Master’s of Science in Social Work from Columbia University, she brings rich academic and practical experience to her practice.

Her expertise spans diverse therapeutic modalities, including EMDR training and trauma-informed care. Julia adopts a Spiritual Psychology Lens, offering a distinctive perspective that acknowledges the spiritual dimensions of healing. She's also proficient in Experiential Therapy, having received training from On-site, adding a dynamic, hands-on element to her approach.

With credentials in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and a designation as an Addictions Specialist, Julia's early career included a coveted position at a Manhattan-based concierge outpatient treatment center. There, she not only served as a therapist but also established an Intensive DBT Curriculum and Mentorship Program.

Throughout her career, Julia has showcased a commitment to holistic care, overseeing executive functioning programs, leading recovery groups, and facilitating diverse therapeutic process groups. Her unique blend of humor, empathy, and insight positions her as a vital member of any recovery team. Julia's holistic approach goes beyond symptom management, aiming for the full recovery of each individual she works with.

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