Vita Recovery

Polina Radchenkova

Polina is a Psychiatric Physician Associate. She graduated from Arcadia University in Philadelphia. With eight years of extensive experience in mental health, she is skilled in prescribing medications, administering TMS, and providing therapy. Polina adopts a holistic approach to treatment, integrating traditional therapies with a strong emphasis on the roles of exercise, diet, natural supplements, and mindset in improving mental health.

Her communication style is distinguished by its clarity and straightforwardness. Polina values direct, clear dialogues, empowering her patients to understand and overcome their challenges with reinforced confidence. Her practice is built on the pillars of genuine care, real understanding, and direct conversations, all of which aid individuals in navigating their mental health journeys.

Being fluent in English, Russian, and Spanish allows Polina to serve a diverse clientele effectively. She recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and aims to develop personalized treatment plans that resonate with their specific needs. Outside of her professional life, Polina enjoys dancing and engaging in cold plunge therapy, reflecting her commitment to personal well-being and vitality.

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